Saturday, November 29, 2008

Here is my buddy Jim on our ATV ride, so far so good.

Here is the emergency personal working on me on the ATV ride, things not looking so good right now!

Here is what they needed to get me to the hospital trauma unit on the ATV ride, fun level about zero.

Things did not go well, I just got home from the hospital today and I am still in a lot of pain. Broken sterum, seperated ribs, internal bleeding and a busted tail bone. I am doing better now but I have a long way to go.
UPDATE: I feel good enough to write a little
It has been a week and I still have a lot of pain. We were out in the the desert just north of Delle by I 80. I am not sure what happened , I was going along a trail, Jim was a little in front of me. I came to a stop and was looking down at my front tire next thing I knew I was tumbling down the hill with my machine right behind me, when the ATV landed on me was the worst, I knew I was hurt but did not know how bad. Jim came running back up the hill towards me to see if I was okay. I asked him to go back down and get the machine back on it's wheels. I figured I could ride out to the truck. He go the bike upright but I could not get up. I could barley move and I was hurting. I tried for 10-20 minutes to get up and told Jim he should call 911. With GPS and cell phones I only laid on the mountain for less then two hours. I spent the first three days in ICU and I was released from the hospital Saturday.

I am not sure I am going back to work before I retire, all I have to do is finish with the out process checklist


Nate said...

Sure glad you are home buddy.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear of your unfortunate way to get down from a mountain. I was under the impression you were supposed to be on top of an ATV, not trying to keep it from getting scraped up on the ride down the mountain. I am sure you are VERY sore--makes my hemorroid surgery seem rather tolerable! Hope you feel better soon.

BobG said...

Jeez, WTH happened?

Walrilla said...

Damn, man! Hate to hear that! Hope you heal fast, and relatively painfree. Scratches in the paint aren't really all that bad. Just sayin' for next time.

Get well, brother!


Anonymous said...

Didn't I tell you that you should have gotten more involved in Weight and Balance? Seems you were too 'forward heavy' at that point...

I will keep you in prayer for healing and comfort. Take care and don't worry about work, Mel could come back...:)


BobG said...

Hope everything heals up ok; at our age it seems to take longer to get over stuff like that.