Sunday, November 23, 2008

Went to the gun show and I have never seen crowds like yesterday. I talked my two buddies into getting there before the doors opened this has always worked in the past for beating the crowds. It did not work yesterday. There had to be 100 in line to buy tickets and 500 plus in line before the doors opened. The lines just as long when we left 3 hours later. Ammo was flying out the door. I bought a 1000 rounds of .223 and 100 rounds of .380. But I saw guys pushing dollies full of ammo out the door. Everyone I talked to said the same thing “they are worried about Obama” There is one more gun show before Obama is sworn in and I am sure that I will have some more money saved up by then.

But it was a fun day spent with some friends. We had lunch after the gun show and met up with some other friends. Swapping lies and just relaxing. I made Nate drive and on the way home we were talking about close calls we have had while driving. Nate mentioned he has rolled 3 cars in his life. I turned to Jim and said ” I think I will drive next time” But Nate got us home safe and sound. Jim and I finalized plans to go ride our ATVs next Tuesday, I am sure I will blog about the ride. With pictures.


Nate said...

Hey! I've got thousands of miles on the road just using the rubber side of the car or truck and hardly any where the rubber part pointed skywards! Rare occasions, everyone of them I tell you!

Kenny said...

The local news said there were 10,000 people on Saturday alone. One vender stated he sold out of the 10,000 pounds of ammo he had brought.

BobG said...

Wish I could have made it there.